Pelikan Knitwear has a goal to make the world better than the one we received. By adapting green technologies we aim to reduce our environmental impact.

Renewable Power Generation
We have installed solar panels with a capacity of 220 KW equivalents to 25% of our dyeing requirement with planning under way to add another 300 KW, with a goal to generate 50% of our electricity requirement through Solar.
Waste Water Treatment
We currently have an Effluent treatment plant and are currently in process of adding a water recycling plant with a target to recycle 70% of our total waste water.
Recycled Fibers and Regenerated Yarns

As an organization we are currently using primarily recycled polyester fiber in our products. We are also using regenerated yarns made from post consumer waste which further to being more sustainable, also helps us reduce water usage in dyeing, requiring less water during the process.

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